4 thoughts on “Apple watch hands on — photos & videos!”

  1. My only watch story adds nothing except to the philosophy of watch wearing, I guess.

    1986, moving from New England to the Navajo Nation in AZ, part of thecountry I’d never experienced – driving along alone, I passed into El Llano Estacado about 80 miles west of Amarillo, TX and realized the terrain was so completely different I had to stop and wander into the prairie a bit, feel where I was.

    Overwhelmingly, I felt at home. Walked back to my car and before I drove on I took off my watch and dropped it over the gearshift lever on the floor.

    It was still there when I traded the car in two years later and I never resumed wearing a watch. Folks here in the Southwest often joke about telling time with a calendar. Not a bad attitude.

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