Apple watch hands on — photos & videos!

Apple recently hosted an event to unveil new, bigger and brighter iPhones. It also launched the new Apple Pay system which can truly change how we spend money. But in the it was an event about Apple’s foray into the brave new world of computing-driven lifestyle accessories. The first of that new line up of products is — Apple Watch. I was there at the Flint Center and got to play with the watches and get a little hands on time for them.

These are classic Apple products. Well built. Immaculately engineered. Machined to perfection. Marvels of modern material science. Bright, light and wonderful. They are Apple’s interpretation of the watch and while it might not be me — I like the old, manual wound mechanical watches — there is many who believe that this could be end of the traditional quartz watch as we know it.

Here are photos and videos of the watch from the event stores on my Storehouse!

A letter from Om

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