59 thoughts on “8 Years Later, the Blogging Goes On”

  1. But Om, you got the best tip back in 2006, with your post :

    3 Forget iPhone, Think Google Phone (2006)

    “The Observer of London is reporting that Google might be working with HTC…”

    Well, 3 years later, here it is.

  2. Congratulations Om & Team! I remember discovering your original site around 2002 and feeling like I had stumbled into a world of tech insider knowledge. It quickly became my primary source to read up on new trends. It still is and value your perspective more each day.

    And we love having GigaOm as our downstairs neighbors!

  3. @Om,

    I must congratulate you and your team for building an audience of “intelligent & engaged” readers over the past 8 years. I have only been a member of the GigaOM audience for some 3+ years, but I must say that I think the most engaging and insightful audience is right here (versus other technology blogs and commentary systems). Congrats to you and your team for 8 years of thought provoking analysis and insights.

    All the best.

  4. Happy Anniversary, and kudos to GigaOm for its understanding of the moment and its sense of the future. It’s this vision that has made me a new eager reader of GigaOm. Please keep it up.

  5. Team Om,

    Hearty Congratulations! All of you are doing a magnificent job. Your content speaks for itself.

    I used to wander multiple sites for information to update myself about the latest trends, after I discovered GigaOm through a friend there was never a need to look at other sites. Well, I do occasionally visit them for a differing opinion.

    Looking forward to many more years of continued blogging….. Keep up the good work..


  6. Congratulations. I read very few blogs – excepting almost everything associated with Om and GigaOm. Value is always present. As is the feeling that human beings are at work.

    You provide wonderful leadership, Om.

      1. Oh, I’m glad that warranted a response 🙂 I’m told you already took one of our writers — so you either like our ‘automated content’, or you’re just being sensational for the sake of it.

        (I kid, I kid.)

        No, I’m not part of the SEED program.

        You know as well as I do that AOL/WIN own some ‘proper’ sites — it would be good to differentiate between us, and whatever the SEED project generates.

        (And happy birthday!)

  7. Congrats Om, you’re one of the very few sites that I consider daily reading. Quality journalism is still an art form, no matter what the technology. Your team has done a great job with delivering timely and interesting posts. The changes and additions to the GigaOm network over the years reflect your committment to quality. Here’s to 8 more years!

  8. There are plenty of non-cookie cutter blogs, at least outside of the PC/Gadget/Web tech worlds (e.g. CAD bloggers such as Deelip at http://www.deelip.com/) — that’s the kind of blog I read. But you can’t make a living off of this type of blog.

    I’ve been following Gigaom for a long time, so:

  9. Om,

    Congrats on the 8 yr anniversary. having blogged for 3+ years myself, I realize how much effort and discipline it takes to be blogging for 8 years. Not to mention the stress that goes with it.

    Here’s to you and a happy – healthy 2010 🙂

  10. Congratulations on being an example of the ever evolving new media entities. The similarities between Cyberdine and what demandmedia is doing is creepy but at the same time sound logic. If quality did come about – it wouldnt be a consequence of a concerted effort – one of the human kind – which is precisely why there are only a few blogs that are well read – this being one of those that pulls “readers” due to shear gravity. All the best for the next chapter on your venture. Now if we can only figure out what the physical paper must transform into to survive / coexist with its online contenders…

  11. Happy belated birthday! Over the course of those years I have traveled through, but am now a regular. Being interested in mobile 8 years ago, there was not a lot of information out there. We now of course have quite the party going on.

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