10 thoughts on “A Million T-Mobile Google Phones Sold”

  1. Om, Iphone 3G sold i million units in 3 days. But the better comparison will be the first iphone version which took considerably longer. Also iphone was available in more than 20 countries which had pent up demand but G1 is available only in 1 country. Not the correct comparison

  2. G1 – a moderately useful device? Is there something the iPhone can do that G1 cannot? Or even a BlackBerry, other than the widespread Exchange integration? It is somewhat unfair to term the G1 as a moderately useful device.

    The million units number is not as unremarkable as this post might make it sound, when you consider several factors:

    1. T-Mobile’s over all coverage is smaller than AT&T or Verizon.

    2. T-Mobile’s 3G coverage is even more smaller.

    3. G1 was available in stores only in 3G markets to begin with. It’s only been available in EDGE-market stores for a couple of months now.

    4. Most importantly, the G1 has been dubbed an ‘unsexy’ device by many people.

    Considering the above factors, a million units sold is actually quite a good number.

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