40 thoughts on “T-Mobile to Launch Many Android Devices Later This Year”

  1. I only see one thing happening from there on:

    either one of the android set (may be from samsung, or motorola etc) will be a hit OR

    Apple iPhone and Palm Pre will be the leaders leaving all behind.

    1. Actually, Android is about as popular as the iPhone. The T-Mobile G1 was released on October 22, 2008, On April 23, 2009, T-Mobile US announced it had sold one million G1s since the device’s launch (This number doesn’t include Europe or sales from anywhere else). In the first 2 quarters the iPhone was out, they only sold ~1.3 million iPhones. This sounds like 30% more sales, but there’s 2 caveats to this:

      1. There are *A LOT* of Apple fanboys (i know like 12 off the top of my head), there are very few “Google fanboys” (I can’t think of a single person). Yes, it also can appeal to Linux fanboys, but if you look at OS marketshare, Apple has about 8-9%, Linux has about 2%, so that’s 4x more possibly fanboys (logically).

      2. When the iPhone came out, there was no real competitor in the “emerging amazing smartphone” market. All you could get was Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm. When the G1 came out there was the G1 and the iPhone that you had to choose from and then less than 2 months after the G1 came out, at CES in early January, Palm announced the Pre. I’m sure a lot of people put off buying a G1 or a iPhone waiting for the Pre.

      So i’d say that given those 2 caveats, Android is doing quite well. Add in the fact that the G1 is sold in a lot of countries that we don’t have the numbers for and the fact that now there are 2 Android-based devices (the G1 and the HTC Magic/Sapphire) and there are at least 2 more coming within 5 months (The G1v2 and the Samsung Android phone), i think Android is going to absolutely dominate the market

  2. I’ve been wanting to get an Android based phone for quite some time, but the current HTC hardware wasn’t cutting it for me unfortunately. Can’t wait to see what the new phones will look like.


  3. Android will destroy the iphone OS on smartphones and Windows XP on desktops/laptops.

    The apps on Android are easy:

    – Google Chrome, full with multi-tabs, multi-process, flash, ajax support everything.

    – Android applications for cloud computing assisting for video editing/encoding, photo rendering and even 3D gaming.

    – Android applications for virtualization of any other OS if you absolutely need your Windows/mac applications to run before the right ports have been made for embedded Android devices and using the cloud to host and deliver them.

    Prices of the Android laptops can start at $100 for the 7″ screen. Then even as little $150 for the 10.2″ versions. 20 hour battery life will be possible cause ARM processors use much less energy than Intel.

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