21 thoughts on “Babble not Bubble 2.0*”

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  3. I think John is right and wrong. This is not a “bubbleâ€? like it was last time. No doubt. But “bubblesâ€?-that is self-reinforcing excitement among a group of people that cause them to do things they would not normally- are a naturally occurring phenomenon whenever there are lots of people doing the same thing. It is the nature of the beast. And whether John wants to admit it or not, there is certainly a self-reinforcing excitement out here. That excitement is causing lots of people to try and start companies who would not normally take the risk. And as a result of the new eco-system that John and you have pointed out, there are going to be some amazing successes. And as soon as the investors start noticing all the good stuff we are doing they will get excited as well. That is going to result in a “bubbleâ€?. Or what it really ought to be called is the normal cyclical nature of business. We are on the way up again. So John’s right about the particulars and wrong about what it all means.

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  7. @Zach Coelius. i totally disagree with you. the web 2.0 is not just a hype made by a bunch of people.. we already know what internet is about and what it is capable of doing in the future. back then it was a new thing that made it a technology driven boom.. with web 2.0 there is nothing revolutionary.. just some fancy buttons and more usability, thats all! oh, and dont forget that the growing number of users is a fact measured with much more accurate tools today.

    @Om Malik: a great read! someone posted this on my related blog entry, http://ilkeryoldas.blogspot.com/2006/12/web-20-another-dot-com-boom.html

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