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  1. The missing social software for sharing photos. I have looked at slide on the web site (I’m a mac user). The site is btw awfully slow, but I digress.

    The real social software would be something which is P2P.
    * A cataloger for your photos on your computer (not on the Web)
    * A possibility to have an ichat discussion about one or a set of photos with a “friend” or colleague.
    * A possibility to have ACLs by photo. This photo X shared with Tom and Julie, This photo Z shared with Julie and Robert. etc.
    * A possibility to add comments on photos and tags ***with ACLs***. So not only the photo is shared under ACLs on my computer, but the comment that someone else will make on it can be set shared to all, or this selected group of Friends. So the comments are not necessary viewed by everyone.
    * A possibility to share the photos online as an option, not as a requirement.
    * When you share the photos with someone else (Let’s say Julie), the P2P app of Julie is having a copy of the thumbnails of your photos that you have shared, and maybe different size, if you let that happen. So when you are not online, Julie can still have copies of the comments, and the discussions of the photos with the photos. She can even make additional comments that will be synchronized when you come back online.

    That would be a real social software.
    And that would have value for business. For example a photographer could discuss with a client about photos, and have an integrated paypal system in the P2P app. So after discussion and comments the client could buy the image.

    like thing where I can share a photo wit

  2. Karl is right on here – a P2P photo sharing app sounds great. The “web as a platform” makes everyone think of web-apps as the holy grail, but there are some things that P2P is really good for. You want to build this Karl?

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