12 thoughts on “Blip.tv gets VC.Cash”

  1. youTube.com is doing 100 million video’s a DAY riding the Level3 Network…I am on CNBC Tonight on Jim Cramers Mad Money talking about YouTube.com an Level3…the future is Video riding IP

  2. Blip.tv is a great service. I use it to movlog (tedr.blip.tv) and within seconds of recording I can email a video entry that also appears on my wordpress blog.

    I led a panel at SXSW on developing big businesses on micro budgets and Blip’s Mike Hudack had a lot to offer. The podcast is here (http://player.sxsw.com/2006/podcasts/SXSW06.INT.20060312.DIY.mp3)

    Finally I think “madness” is best used to describe the usage of these services. People of all ages are spending their TV time on youtube. I have no idea who the new winners will be in this space, but all major tv broadcasters are looking like potential losers to me.

  3. We think it’s a move in direction, and that multiplatform networks like TasteTV actually benefit from the leadership of YouTube, Blip.tv, and Brightcove. Not to mention, we all would like additional funding, not just TasteTV.com.

  4. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people. At Vloggercon, they were one of the companies that talked about Net Neutrality in a smart way.

    Plus, they get it. They get videoblogging and the movement in the industry.


  5. Blip.tv and YouTube aren’t in the same space.

    YouTube is about 18-25 year olds klling time during the day on video clips less than 2 minutes in length.

    Blip.TV is about creating TV Shows (Videopodcasts, Vlogs, etc) that are delivered over the Internet. These are shows that are episodic, have a theme, are typically higher level programming, high quality video, etc. They are typically much longer than 2 minutes and longer than the 10 minute max YouTube enforces.

    I’m tired of bloggers that are supposed to have a clue just complain about the video start-ups. Maybe you should actually think about what is driving it, and what the different segements.

    Maybe you should rename your blog, “Yet Another Blogger Who Doesn’t Do His Homework.”

    I guess you were too busy at the latest cool event with the Odeo guys to actually think about things.

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