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  1. the challenges you present are spot on (namely skype) though i also see a more substantial issue or two: first, the service, while presented as simple and intuitive (as in “yeah, i don’t like to give out my number”) is in fact a multistep process that feels like the analog equivalent of making users click on ten links just to send a note…but the real issue i see is the potential for disposable or alias numbers, both voip and non-voip, just as we’ve seen with email (like mytrashmail.com) and creditcard numbers (mastercard protection services offering valid alias limit accounts)…it’s only a matter of time before sprint, tmobile and the big carriers come forward with an alias-for-security offering that runs across landline and voip – and for that i would pay real money (e.g. keep your ‘real cell number’ and use up to 5 alias numbers, keep them or toss them) – vonage is already well equipped to offer this with their integrated account services for multiple line/number holders, and it’s a short technical walk for skype …

    what bummed me out is that, given their ambitions, they have completely failed to capitalize on the opportunity to exploit communication agnostic solutions, similar to elgoog or microsoft’s vision of going from voice to im to email (etc) on the fly, particularly since this service bridges an acceptance step for initiating communication (like they could simply say “would you like to connect with this person now? and you reply “yes, but by IM not phone”)

  2. is there a market for anonymous disposable numbers? Yes and it’s niche. To gain mass adoption there must be much more to the story-and there is.

    failed to capitalize on the opportunity to exploit communication agnostic solutions? No, not at all. This is absolutely communication agnostic.

    Check in with us in about a month..


  3. ah, now i’m intrigued…if you pull off the communication medium of choice ‘on the fly’ for users, then there’s something cool going on…although the potential there is for far more than dating type stuff…imho, you oughta drop the cute girl/guy spin and make it about ‘connecting with new people’ in general…for example, i could imagine using this (my ‘jangl’ id) for every major tradeshow and conference or event where i might want to chat at a booth but later might change my mind (or completely forget what the exchange was about)…likewise, i’d put my older boy on it (versus giving out his cell phone to anybody ‘new’ from outside his social circle) but that’s not specific to dating, just connecting…

  4. you’re absolutely right. our new web copy is going up soon which showcases a more diverse set of use cases. yes there’s some dating-since dating is an obvious use case, but there are others. Our aim is to be less transactional and more social-relationship building/or not. Have a peek at some of the videos we recently finished:


    …there are additional links at that page. These are just at my personal .mac site for now while I wait for our new web copy-which goes up this weekend.


  5. 1-888-472-0604 – I’ve had that number for years thanks to Webley (now CommuniKate via BeMyAssistant.com). I’d die without the service – Internet Faxing included.

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