11 thoughts on “Vote for Bix (Or Not)”

  1. the ‘new’ part is the contest framework — anyone can enter, and anyone can run their own contest.

    YouTube has a similar experience, but they haven’t (yet) tweaked the feature set so that people are competing against each other, and ranking content within a bounded environment.

  2. Just a suggestion (sorry for the OT):
    why don’t you provide a printer-friendly version for your articles?

    Om Malik, thanks for your analysis, I often find them great.

    Intersezioni (happy italian reader of gigaom.com)

  3. Interesting experiment. Did people came out for Idol because they wanted to participate, or was it because they wanted to be on a top rated show?

    The issue I see is that mostly the public would see pretty good performers because they were screened, the only time you saw bad performers is in the beginning, and then pretty much everyone laughs at them. Could an internet vehicle do the same? Would people want to have to sift through many many bad acts? That is funny for only so long.

    Idol is popular because of the people that are always involved in the show, not really the participants. Take away the regular cast, and well, you would just have a copycat show (that probably won’t do all that well) on a different network.

  4. I wonder if this isn’t so much because of American Idol as it is because of Google Idol (http://www.googleidol.com/)and other sites like it that have either been repurposing existing content or allowing others to provide links/upload their own original content. Bix is a platform for this, where Google Idol had to do this themselves. Generally, I see this as the right thing at the right time. The market is poised for this.

    By the way, how are we supposed to pronounce it? Is it “Bicks” or “Biz?” 🙂

  5. ha ha… I got it… 900 seconds = 15 minutes… of fame. I guess the name change helps get ~6 million to do a categorized digg site.

    In digg, users vote on submissions… Bix, users vote within a “competition”.

    It builds upon the assumption that the masses will filter out the good and the bad within a competion (large scale one)…

    I’m yet undecided since a site like LifeHacker relies on a much smaller group of individual filters and works great.

    I can already smell the knockoffs coming and at a much cheaper bill than 6 million.

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