11 thoughts on “Digg gets more cash, $8.5 million”

  1. I do not think “growing negativity” has any effect on them. I’m not saying they can be compared to Google, but people have been gaming Google from the get-go. There’s no such this as bad press.

  2. I think the community is such a fragile thing, and well this negativity and all that stuff does have an impact. i frankly love the service, since it helps me find good stuff. look at the previous post on wifi and open source. couldn’t have found it without digg, to be honest. i hope they make it to the finish line!

  3. digg is useful for a good amount of quality information and news and then they have “the crap”. I like the idea the most and “the lab” tools that show real-time statistics. This new Web 2.0 era will bring many new and slightly not things.


  4. Good on Digg!! I love the site and I think the people behind it are passionate about it which usually leads to good things. I hope they can actually start making some profits. I mean does every company have to sell out?

  5. I’m flummoxed. I’ve used Digg before, and while it’s a good concept, there’s really nothing unique or partucularly unique. It’s great to put the control of news into the user’s hands, however, it’s been well documented that most stories that make it to Digg’s homepage are selected by a few users.

    I’ll stick to CavengerNews.com.

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