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  1. Om,

    Just a couple of thoughts regarding Covad’s ADSL2+. Right now Earthlink is offering it bundled like you said at 8mbits/1mbits. I wouldn’t expect Covad to be offering it themselves or letting their resellers offer it for awhile because Earthlink paid for the upgrade to Covad’s new DSLAMs.

    Secondly, 10/1 would be nice but I’m not sure how nice it would be over copper. ADSL2+ is still half duplex and when compared with fiber, latency will never be anywhere near what fiber can offer.
    If this is Covad’s long term strategy their dead. + The fact CLEC’s can’t use ILEC fiber since line-sharing has been killed.

  2. Covad maybe trying to field test ADSL2+ on select short lines, however for the speeds they are offering, you don’t need ADSL2+, you can do well with g.dmt. I think Will is right, Covad and Earthlink seem to have some kind of agreement.

  3. Some comments about the first reply above. It is easy to see how Will Dean arrived at the conclusion that the Covad/Earthlink ADSL2+ service is somehow exclusive to Earthlink.

    But as Covad and Earthlink have explained at their analyst meetings, it isn’t exclusive in any way.

    Covad will be offering the 8mb service on its own or through other partners soon, and any time that another partner enables further expansion of the network Earthlink will benefit from a larger footprint as well.

    This whole deal is actually more obvious when you look at the terms of the funding for this network expansion. Earthlink did not pay for the network, despite the simplistic headlines.

    For this mutually beneficial project, Earthlink decided to accelerate the schedule with a loan to Covad earmarked specifically for this project. As a result, Covad owns both the equipment and responsibility to pay back the loan with interest.

  4. I know for a FACT that when they install VDSL2, at the back or the side of your house where the NID(Network interface demarcation) the techs will get 80 megs. Thats at the NID So this 10 meg at the house would never be enuff to let any iptv service work properly. i know standard def tv takes up 2 megs and High Def takes up 4 megs of bandwith. So if vdsl2 is available in your area and you can sign up for it I WOULD DO IT if i were you. its the wave of the future just like when cable started everyone said “it will never work who would pay for that?” Thats what everyone else is thing about VDSL2 (iptv service) Just wait cable companys will be switching over to it! lol maybe….

  5. Uverse marketing showed up at my house on 7/08/08. They promised better service and better pricing if I bundled my internet, TV and telephone services with them. They said I would have to cancel my service with Earthlink and that they wouil pick up my internet service on the SAME day as the Earthlink cancellation was effective. THE PROBLEM..Uverse never showed up to install their service on the day designated in my agreement with them. We started calling them at 1PM on said day. At 9PM and after MANY MANY of our calls to them, an ATT person called to say that I would have to be separated from Earthlink for 7 days before they could pick up my service. When I explained that their marketing representative had said that ATT Uverse would pick up my service in a SEAMLESS fashion they replied, “she misrepresented the facts”. SO, I begged Earthlink into taking me back. I suffered damages as there were fees associated with the Earthlink cancellation and re-hookup. Uverse offered me 1/4 of the amount to say HOW VERY SORRY they were. ATT Uverse seems very very disjointed between departments and incapabale of reacting to the most minor of problems. I called their customer service unit at least five times and had to re-explain the issue each time.

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