12 thoughts on “Downturn Slows Telecoms (Except in India & China)”

  1. You could probably add the Middle East to the list of areas experiencing a decent level of growth. While they aren’t on the same level as the Bhartis and China Unicoms of this world, they are pushing aggressively into new markets in North/Central Africa & Central/West Asia, and that combined with the quick adoption of mobile broadband in home markets has resulted in a respectable increase in subscriber numbers and ARPU.

  2. Comparing technology based companies in growth capitalist markets to government-owned entities in communist strongholds such as China doesn’t amount to the same result in an analysis. Using Chinas telephony and mass-communications networks is like trying to send a coded love letter with bank heist plans to a mob boss while on death row in prison. There is no freedom of communication and security for telephony users in China, and there is no restriction to what China does to its citizens use of its telephony.

    China and India ultimately don’t make things. They make other peoples things. India wants to do it, but India wants to so much be the next China it’s disturbing. India should want to be the next Japan, but they’re not listening. China will not give them a good trip, and Russia is just as bad. Look at the communist investment in US-based on-line social networks from Russian government connected entrepreneurs. These aren’t really entrepreneurs. They’re Russian government enlisted, positioned and financed. So how would you define them? Agents? Plants? Information gatherers? Who knows?

    India needs to stay the H*** away from all this S***, but unfortunately they are right in the middle of it.

    1. couldn’t agree more. India must have its own vision, she can’t emulate China’s success. The thing with Chinese is they will do anything for money, they will work like a mule just for money. Indians on the other hand are culturally different from the Chinese, Indians are much more intellectual race, in the sense that they have a good command of language and maths, they ought to focus in these areas.

  3. Its news papers companies that are saving the Telecom companies from being perceived old school.
    If they had some good meetings probably they could be saved. Unfortunately they don’t know about the meeting nazi app

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