3 thoughts on “FiOS & First Quarter Broadband Scorecard”

  1. It is good to know that Verizon has been getting some traction with their premium FIOS offering. Otherwise the vast majority of the gains would have come from the $14 DSL offer. It seems they are also planning to substantially increase FIOS speeds in areas where they compete with Cablevision. Any idea if they will increase the coverage of naked DSL?

  2. When Comcast adds their portion of Adelphia modems they will be neck and neck with the new AT&T [after BS integration]…~10.5 Million.
    This must give them nightmares that they have to discount so much.

    FIOS to the remote near the last mile or 2, then via VDSL is AT&T current solution. Subject to change when higher penetration stresses the copper [cross talk].

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