23 thoughts on “For GigaOM, a Fresh Coat of Paint”

  1. Congratulations to the team.

    I would be interested in reading about how you approached the design change, which changes seemed obvious or safe, and which seemed risky, and how visitor behavior has changed as a result. Did the project meet budget/time expectations? Are you already scheduling the next re-design?

    I come here every day, so it would be interesting to see under the hood a bit.

    1. I would also love to hear exactly what Paul has described in his comment. It would be a fascinating look at how you approach design, the processes and the apps etc that run your sites.

  2. The iPhone app is great – in fact, I do virtually all my gigaOm reading on it (but, now that i have iphone4, I’d like to be able to zoom in/out on the text, and the app needs to be updated for iOS4 to return to previous state).

    Previously, I only read gigaOm articles when someone posted a link that looked interesting – but I now find it my favorite “pass time” reading on the iPhone while waiting in lines (and there is so much waiting in line these days). Generally better reads than what I’m finding from newspaper apps, and more topical (for me). The design, especially first time I opened it, felt very fresh.


    1. Scott

      We are waiting for Apple to launch our iPhone OS 4 version of the app — it took some time to get it right.

      I am glad you liked our little app: we are constantly tinkering with it and improving it.

  3. Looking forward to the iPad app. Though, I may never again wander outdoors to mow the weeds we entertain as “lawn”…with further useful distraction.

  4. Your site design is very visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Your content is first rate and informative. However, did you know there is another world out there beyond Apple? Can you guys please acknowledge a world exists beyond the limitations of your god and messiah Steve Jobs? Thank you.

  5. If you can improve on for your 2.0 version, here is my feedback for the design. The iPhone app is quite heavy. It takes the longest time to load and update vis.a.vis other news/magazine apps. I am using Engadget, USAToday, Time, NYTimes etc. as benchmarks. The only one which is heavier than yours is the BBC News Reader. Cut out the background graphics. Most pictures don’t even relate to the content. See if you can work on a menu based for easier navigation (check out the above apps). Finally a little more testing will help. I have seen app crashes while updating.

    1. Mason

      Most of those issues you have brought up have been addressed and you are going to find a more stable, faster experience on the new version of the app.

    2. Hi Mason. This is Dan from the GigaOM tech team. This is exactly what happens when you load the existing iPhone app with the new 4.0 OS installed (on a G3, G3s and 4). The new 4.0 version of our app is coming out next week. This will clean up all these problems. Stay tune for that, and please feel free to drop me a note if you have any other ideas or concerns.

      1. Oh, okay. The post made it sound like the solution for Android was going to be a mobile version of HTML5. If it is being worked on then I retract my “disappointed”.

  6. The smartphone is the computer!
    Smart move — and, congratulations.

    And now, a complaint…

    It seems no matter how often I push that little update/refresh icon on my GigaOm iPhone app, I never truly get the most updated content (compared to the terrestrially-bound website). Make it so.

    Thank you.

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