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  1. Ouch.. because GigaOM is so small you won’t get any business selling listings at $200 a pop. They will go to TechCrunch. Should of listed them at $50/each instead. Good luck.

  2. Cool idea. My red eyes were looking for jobs in India 😉

    My 0.02 cents, this blog is by & for the “specialists”. Guys who have the fire, passion and who can’t sleep without tracking the latest happenings will peek at those jobs and companies want such developers 🙂

  3. Would be very useful if there was a separate RSS feed for each category. Even more useful would be a customized RSS feed, say “category=technical + keywords=mysql,php,linux,ruby”

  4. I think you need some kind of concept-to-funding hookup board. I see lots of passion and ideas on the comments and a good number of readers seem to be VC/angel types. Instead of a fixed fee, maybe you could collect a finder’s percentage.

  5. It’s a good idea if the listings are legit. Sites like are so full of spam and scams. And a resume has such personal info in it, you really want to trust the website holding it.

  6. The job board looks good Om, but I gotta admit, I don’t get it… why are you rushing in to a commodity market?

    Michael Arrington’s idea makes some sense to me. Now all I see are two prominent bloggers with $200/pop job boards and little differentiation.

    What is going to stop someone else from coming in with $150/pop or $100/pop job board?

    More importantly, how long will either you or Arrington resist the temptation to drop your price and start a (ruinous) price war?

  7. Well, 2K price is too much to ask for.. Converting that to INR, a post will cost 90,000 (which is almost equal to Monster’s 3-month subscription fee, for umlimited posts!!)

    Anywyas, Hereis a comparison of Techcrunch/GigaOm and Problogger job boards.

  8. I’ll also post this on the techcrunch blog, as it applies equally to both.

    I can understand your interest in leveraging-(monetarising) your successful blogs, but I wonder if we really need another attach your resume and mail it to the recruiter job board, they are so 1997.
    I would have hoped for some more innovative from bloggers that have their pulse on Web 2.0.

    more here.

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