8 thoughts on “Google sends big bags of fresh cash to Waze's early backers”

  1. Any thoughts on how FB would’ve used Waze? Unclear to me…and an obvious outcome to get scooped by Goog / Apple in this case, since they’re both actively building stuff in the mapping / mapping-data space.

    I can see Waze using FB to up-the-ante on acquisition price, but the opposite pursuit seems curious to me.

  2. i can’t see the logic of the returns here. say the first three vcs put a third each into $12m raised at a $20m valuation, then they each owned 20% of the company at that point. assume they kept their percentage going forward then at a $1bn exit, they should have cashed in $200M which is a lot more than suggested. What am i missing?

    1. Joe, you’re missing the dilutive effect of the new shares that were issued in the later funding rounds.

  3. Great news! I started using Waze on my Windows Mobile phone. I’m a Knight Wazer, rank 19,486- the crowdsourced reports are a big plus. Now, Waze is next to Google Maps on my VZW GNex’s homescreen. Looking forward to their merging.

  4. Hats off to Noam, he raised that crucial middle 25MM in very difficult times when I was unable to get even a few to allow us to keep going, despite a commanding lead. I remember seeing their first PA office empty and depressing after having to lay off staff. But he turned the corner. The importance of selling the vision so often goes unappreciated. Nice work Noam! Maybe now you’ll buy me that damn beer you promised! 🙂

    1. In case anybody’s wondering Pete was the founder of Trapster – I would have loved to see you guys take that money and build on the “traps” idea vs. selling out to Nokia early!

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