5 thoughts on “GoogleFi in Mountain View, MetroFi in San Jose”

  1. Looks like they’ve reduced the size of the banner at the top. Last week it was a whopping 93 pixels tall, which was just too much. Glad to hear they’re continuing to tweak it. I live in Sunnyvale and was surprised to see you talking about it in San Jose – that’s quite a range for their beta test.

  2. I never expected to get FREE water or electricity from the local government. In fact, that’s where most city/local government get most their revenue from.

    What gives??

  3. How would you tweak your SMTP server to send email when connected to metrofi? been having the same issue…I know it’s not a tech support site but since you mentioned it I thought I’d ask…

  4. Metrofi has Portland under its belt? Hardly.


    Its safe to day Metrofi has a long way to go before it can claim to have met the original benchmarks that were set out for it.

    Another thing to factor into all this, there are places like Portland were there are existing community wireless efforts going on. In Portland there are over 100+ spots to get real free community driven wireless networking . With Metrofi two laptops sitting near each other can not even see each other to share services, photos, etc etc.

    A network that offers you the chance to be part of a community is a thing worth using/supporting, a network that uses you as a billboard revenue stream or tiered pay user fee might work for places without alternatives but here in Portland its as useful as a glory hole in an elevator.

    Just my 2cents


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