15 thoughts on “GrandCentral pulls into Google”

  1. Privacy seems like the level to attack Google from if you’re a competitor in any market. Imagine what a game changer it would be if Google gave meaningful support to OpenID, and favored in particular an OpenID system that afforded multiple personas for maximum privacy.

  2. Om, I read the Josh K. article. Seems like sour grapes to me…. Google has access to EVERYTHING you do online – get used to it. Just like MS of yesteryears, startups need to figure out a better value proposition to beat the giant, not complain about privacy. Privacy and other valid concerns need to be handled by the right forums (ACLU anyone?) and business needs to be earned by great products and customer service.

  3. The removal of personalized ringtones isn’t surprising, although I wish it was simply a banning of commercial recordings. I’d love to be able to upload my own home made ringtones.

    Nice call on the rumor, Om. I signed up before the acquisition and I’m glad I don’t have to try to get an invite now.

  4. Of course, the long-term strategy is Click-to-Call for AdWords. Connecting the consumer and the advertiser has always been Google’s revenue sweet spot.

  5. No more new customers are being accepted without an invitation from the service or, presumably, an existing user. Google likes to do closed betas to gin up the excitement I guess.

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