15 thoughts on “Grouper Gone, Who Is Next?”

  1. I don’t think they are going to get bought – I think they might actually have a good long term business as they have adopted the OEM model. I agree, excellent website and nice guys who run the company.

  2. Youtube may be next, but someone has to have some pretty deep pockets. Out of the list above, I believe Veoh is the best bet. Good technology, a p2p network for keeping costs low, sizable traffic, and a strong team of technologists and investors. Also, I think we may see some consolidation in the online video editing space ; companies such as EyeSpot.

  3. My vote is on YouTube. There are some things people don’t seem to realize. The look and feel of YouTube’s website is much nicer/smoother than other online video sites out there (this is kind of like the shopping experience of Amazon.com vs other online retailers). The other thing people seem to miss is the home shopping tv network and tv infomercial market. YouTube just needs to announce that they are going into this business (which by the way already has existing revenues) – be the EBay of online home shopping by internet video; see link for better explanation http://maazios.blogspot.com/2006/08/to-youtube-free-survivalevolution-idea.html
    Just doing advertising because of the large amount of website traffic – isn’t that what Yahoo, MySpace, Google, etc. can also do?

  4. My vote is with You Tube as well. The price tag is rediculous but I think at least one of the media companies going after it is just frenzied enough to give in.

  5. Vimeo.com (Connected Ventures/NYC)just got 51% stake purchased by IAC…I suspect there is some sort of earn out and the remaining 49% will be purchased fairly soon.

  6. Veoh. I used to upload to YouTube, but found Veoh to be much more useful for me. Tried Grouper, but was disappointed. Tried Metacafe, and couldn’t get it to work. I think Veoh has the right service. They need to market it better, but from a technological platform standpoint, they win.

  7. I wonder how many of those comments about Veoh are from their employees. They have almost no users.

    The one good thing about them is they have a really sexy embedded player, and they let you embed multiple videos in one player.

  8. Actually, according to Nielsen, they have just over 1 million users, which is double that of Grouper.


    Thanks for the tip on the embedded player. It is pretty cool. Now to find something interesting to embed, and a place to embed it.

  9. Om, great poll 🙂

    Nielsen is wrong for both Grouper and Veoh, although I suspect that relative numbers are applicable. Both Veoh and Grouper have proprietary Peer networks and Nielsen doesn’t track those. Also the web numbers are severely off.

    Congrats to Grouper and to Sony on the deal. I personally think that Sony got a bargain, now lets see what they do moving forward.

  10. Oh course Om will have the exclusive scoop when it comes down, but word has it, that Google will buy YouTube.


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