12 thoughts on “Sony Hooks Up With Grouper”

  1. my gosh, onm, your bubble fever is heating up. congrats and all to the grouper folks, but what the heck does it mean to say “Grouper.com has increased its market share of web visits by 1,678% from January 2006 to July 2006”? That would be true if Grouper had only one “web visit” in Jan 06 and then 17 in July 06, no? (What exactly is a “web visit” anyway? Is it a unique visitor? Or a unique visit? Or none of those?)

    Likewise, what in the world does it mean to say “Comparing the week ending August 19, 2006 versus the week ending January 7, 2006 Grouper.com has increased its market share of visits by 1,144%”? Again, have they increased from one “visit” in the first week to 12 in the latter? And does that mean they have a big site user base? Compared to what? And by who? And what is a “visit”?

    Hot dang, we be bubblin’!

  2. This deal is all about two things IMO:

    1. Sony wants to stay cool and relevant (think eBay-Skype)

    2. The platform. Grouper is a web-p2p hybrid media distribution platform. Sony, if its smart, will leverage it to pioneer a standard in commercial, hi-res video and film distribution. A more likely scenario is that Sony will be Sony, and make it a propriety platform for their content and devices only.

    At any rate, the shakeup is upon us. Look for other hip Web 2.0 startups with hybrid web-p2p distribution platforms (MetaCafe, Veoh, Pando) to get gobbled up next.

  3. Steve, you right. We be bubbling. Anyway I was being greedy and saving rest of the information for another post. You guys want me to post the comparative data etc, in this post or a new one. Your call. Saves time for me.

  4. For Sony the $65M investment, is not a large one, but one which may enable Sony to create some new and interesting products.

    It is no doubt that the music and film industry must renew themselves, if they are going to make headway now and in the future. One of the key elements that Sony will need to focus on, which I am sure Sony is doing, and that is to find a way to make money off their films and music online.

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