7 thoughts on “Will Huawei Win the 4G Sweepstakes?”

  1. I do see Huawei coming on as a major threat to the North American incumbent vendors but I still doubt if the Tier-1 service providers in N. America are ready to roll with Huawei just yet. They have a planted one foot in the door at the right time as SP’s here start issuing LTE RFP’s but time will tell if the LTE juggernaut will really roll their way.

  2. Who supplies the chips, software and other technology to Huawei? Are there people like Broadcom who are also the principal beneficiaries from Huawai and ZTE’s success?

    And is Huawai/ZTE’s success the real reason why Cisco does not seem able to see any green shoots to get itself out of its rut over the past 5 years?

  3. @alpine

    It’s HiSilicon who supplys the chip, owned by Huawei in Shenzhen, China.Broadcom is not vendor of Huawei but of Huawei-3Com(H3C, now owned by HP).
    The bankrupty of Nortel and Lucent is the benefit from Huawei.

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