3 thoughts on “For Dell, Joyent Weaves a Software Cloud”

  1. Om,
    Joyent has never provided cloud computing prior to this, unless, arguably, you count their failed storage platform. Can you explain in more detail? There is no API or other automated provisioning and deprovisioning capability on the existing Joyent platform. They are somewhat alike to a virtuozzo VPS hosting provider except they use Opensolaris containers. The big news should read that Joyent becomes yet another entrant in the cloud platform ISV market, in this case with a private label or OEM deal (not clear which this is). Presumably they will also use this software to cloud enable their existing hosting services.

  2. Ian, Joyent does provide automated provisioning / deprovisioning through my.joyent.com. Our software (and service offering) also satisfy the other commonly understand characteristics associated with “Cloud Computing” such as resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and metered service. We choose containers rather than virtualization because they enable more efficient RAM utilization, CPU bursting, and closer to the metal performance. — Adrian, Joyent

    1. Adrian,

      The automated provisioning is definitely big news (last I checked a few months back we weren’t able to do this on your platform). Have you published an API?

      Also there was the matter of billing per usage instead of fixed monthly costs for containers. I would assume that would have been addressed also.

      Congrats on the Dell deal, that is huge.


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