One thought on “Time Warner Cable Launches Wi-Fi HotSpots”

  1. Cablevision built a good network, ahead of time and under budget. They have excess capacity, why not sell it? Good thinking on their part. They are now collecting roaming charges.

    Cablevision is in much of Brooklyn, The Bronx, and of course Long Island, North East New Jersey, Westchester and Connecticut. It’s a nice Wi-Fi footprint for Time-Warner, But what of Time Warner customers in Staten Island and Manhattan? With Time Warner Wi-Fi citywide, it’s just a phase one.

    Time-Warner, in fact, will be building a lot of Wi-Fi. ABI Research and the Wi-Fi Alliance both projected that 500 million Wi-Fi enabled Smart Phones will ship in 2014. One out of fourteen people on earth will be getting a new Wi-Fi capable handset in 2014. That doesn’t include laptops, netbooks, tablets, game consoles. Time Warner has infrastructure in abundance. We are going to need it to support all those Wi-Fi Hot Spots.

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