5 thoughts on “Kaon who?”

  1. As a point of clarification, Kaon Systems, Inc. is a “real” company with “real” OFDMA-TDD, WiMAX compatible technology. Until recently, Kaon Systems has been operating in stealth mode using the code name ’ÄúProject Kaon’Äù. The Company plans a formal launch later this month.

    For the record, Sting Broadband and PhoneVision are partners of Kaon Systems, Inc. and we are working with them in India and Australia.


    Jim Miller
    EVP-Global Business Development and Sales

    Kaon Systems, Inc. (a.k.a. Project Kaon), 3855 Monte Villa Parkway, Suite 150, Bothell, WA 98075. Ph: 206.619.2771, 1-800-736-0594.

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