98 thoughts on “Meet GigaOM Pro, Our Subscription-Only Research Service”

    1. Yeah congrats on the launch, you’re really taking a chance on this one – I don’t know what your investment is and I’m sure it probably isn’t a considerable since you already have the manpower and are generating this content with GigaOM’s own articles but I wonder if there’s a real market for this type of service.

      Anyways Good Luck and don’t forget the tiny people along the way.

  1. Congrats Om, nice job taking the lead on this one. It’s a brave move…hope you’ll share a rough tally of the number of subscribers you get at some point

  2. I wish you all the best, but how do you expect people to pay for what they can get for free? Especially Tech news. There’s nothing on the four verticals that can’t be readily disseminated in real time without cost to the consumer.

    1. Benjamin

      It is not tech news, it is a research service. The information is what you will pay $000s for if you wanted to buy it from established research houses or individual analysts. This is an add-on to the blogs, not what you can get from the blogs.

      1. Not the takeaway from your interview with New York Times. What information (from the interview – as quoted) can I not get for free?

        (NYT-Bits) “3-page report on the smart energy home or a 65-page briefing on social media in the enterprise. There are quarterly and weekly wrap-ups and closer looks at certain companies in a sector, such as a report on whether Google will lead the way in mobile app innovation and an analysis of Cisco’s acquisition of Pure Digital. Analysts also publish collections of links to relevant articles from around the Web.”

        Gig. is a fantastic blog, it’s not Gartner or Forrester Research. Apples to oranges. Taking a “very bloggy approach” sounds like a blog.

        I’m a huge fan of Gig. and an avid reader. I wish you the best.

    2. Benjamin

      These are the nine full length reports that come with the subscription on day one:

      Social Media in the Enterprise
      Will Storage Go the Way of The Server?
      Coming Soon: The Evolution of Over-the-Top Video
      The Future of Pay TV Services
      Home Energy Management: Consumer Attitudes and Preferences
      Networking the Smart Grid
      4G: State of the Union
      The Smart Energy Home
      U.S. Wireless Data Market: Q4 and Year-End 2008

      1. I have to agree with Benjamin. Unless you’re providing proprietary information that isn’t just reportorial but actually policy papers on digital technology, what value are you really providing?

    1. Well I hope you sign up and enjoy. The idea is to have more folks like yourself sign-up and add to the value of our community & conversation.

      1. I’m totally calling a bet that, the future of social networks will be smaller but more valuable networks.

        I’ve always wanted to run an ‘unconference’ like BarCampNYC4 BUT…. only invite people that i know (and maybe to get it viral), each invited person gets to bring one additional person.

        Basically smaller groups but with higher value. If gigaom pro can get dialog to occur ‘between subscription paying participants’ that is a step up in signal to noise ration then all the better.

        Dean Collins

  3. Congrats on the launch OM…certainly a unique idea and it seems you’ve got some great minds on board!

  4. good luck!
    seems all industry sites do this, didn’t paidcontent do that as well, and techcrunch reports?
    wonder how it will affect the quality of the blog since a lot of what you list is what should be expected from a trusted indsutry media anyway, so it sounds more like a premium industry media rather than a ‘research service’ per se

    1. JT

      Here is a list of research reports on the site at present.


      These are the nine full length reports that come with the subscription on day one:

      Social Media in the Enterprise
      Will Storage Go the Way of The Server?
      Coming Soon: The Evolution of Over-the-Top Video
      The Future of Pay TV Services
      Home Energy Management: Consumer Attitudes and Preferences
      Networking the Smart Grid
      4G: State of the Union
      The Smart Energy Home
      U.S. Wireless Data Market: Q4 and Year-End 2008

  5. excellent idea, and hope that it blossoms – only request would be to consider a “weekly top stories across GigaOm network” post for those members who may no longer go the regular content sites quite as regularly (in the event that they gravitate to pro only content)…

  6. Om, congratulations. It’s a brave move, being the canary in this particular coalmine, but a well-considered one. The world has evolved to a point where news is a commodity, but insight certainly is not (yet).

  7. Om,

    Congrats man. I’m sure the service will be successful and others will try and emulate it and ultimately fail. Since, reading your blog you always seem to be running a tight ship around expenses and thus offer a quality product that people like me can actually purchase.

  8. Congratulations Om! I can’t say I’m surprised to see such an enterprising and exciting new product offering coming from GigaOm. I wish you all the best with the new endeavor.

  9. Om,

    congratulations! It shows that business plans don’t have to e complex and long if the investors have a lot of trust in the guy running it! Good luck with it, I’m sure it will be a huge success!


  10. Congratulations, Om. I’m confident you will show your peers how this can be done. Just let us cheapskates continue to get a little taste, now and then. 🙂

  11. How will the content of the research and analysis be divided among, say, Web, Broadband, Infrastructure, Mobile and Voice? If I am only interested in one of these areas, help me understand the value for money.


  12. Many times I find more substance in comments than the article itself at Gigaom. May be it attracts a very talented audiance. I think Pro subscription (done by individual or team of 2-3) can not provide better analysis that people do here with the medium of comments but may be proved wrong with the time. Good Luck

    1. As long as we get more people to participate, it would be great. As Sam said, we want to get a community going as well on GigaOm Pro.

  13. all right i love this idea OM ! $79 a year ! wow i love it , finally something within my budget ! i will sign up for it next week !

  14. Congrats, Om. Wishing you lots of good luck. And nice name too — kind of like FootnotedPro 🙂
    But wow — $79 — way too cheap!


  15. Om, will pro subscribers have an opportunity to suggest research topics? i’m pretty sure i know the answer from what i’ve seen on the free blog so far, yet would appreciate clarification.

    i plan to contribute to your pro community either way.


    1. @jasonspalace – certainly. Feel free to ping me direct @michaelwolf on Twitter or email me. I’d love to hear suggestions for research and will take good ones into consideration (good ideas are my main requirement 🙂

  16. I enjoy GigaOm; admire anyone with guts, smarts and plans; would consider going Pro… if there was a reduced rate for the unemployed.

    (Gotta say the intro piece reads in parts like an effort was made to focus on marketing-speak 2.1: “…build multiple revenue streams from our core competency.” What, no “monetizing dynamic synergies?” 😉

  17. OM – good for you, and the GigaOM team – logical next step in taking the GigaOM Genre to the next level. While it comes with its own set of challenges – you seem to have rounded up a good team. Even if the early going is rough – hang in the there – you have what it takes to make it happen. All the best – Cheers!

  18. Wow!! I was just looking for this kind of affordable service. $79 is a steal.. I was missing Forrester/eMarketer world after leaving MS. Going to sign-up soon.


  19. In my experience, real analysis requires two-way communication. Analysts at Gartner accomplish this through lots of airline miles.

    But that means they charge much more than 80 bucks.

    Sustaining that type of trusted conversation through a virtual medium will be challenging.

    Good luck! 🙂

  20. Om, great idea and I’m optimistic it will succeed. People will pay for good content, which this should be. I guess you’ll be the first speaker at the next bunker series event 😉

    – rajeev goel

  21. Om,

    I am pretty sure entrepreneurs/product managers/markets would be stoked to quote GigaOM Pro data in their pitch/sales decks instead of having to shell out $$$ for Gartner/.

    Are you giving out free subscriptions to first thousand people who comment here though 😉

    Best of Luck

  22. Congratulations Om, on some level, I knew this was coming. Till date, we have admired you in open due to which you have cherished leaps and bounds. But I now fear that to hear your piece of mind, we have to pay for it. In your blogs you always admired Google’s supremacy by its monetization model. Why you could not do so without closing doors….?

  23. Congrats Om, Paul, Michael, and the team at GigaOm on the launch of GigaOm Pro.

    To me, this represents an important step in the evolution of blog-based media, for now we’re able to have interested readers dig deeper, spend more time thoughtfully analyzing the trends and drivers behind the news, and most importantly, engage the community in a longer, continuing conversation.

    Congratulations to everyone on the team on a terrific and successful product launch, and congratulations to the company for taking such a bold leap into the ever expanding gap between full-blown research services and 200 word blog posts.

  24. Congrats Om and the GigaOm Team!

    I’ve been looking through research much of the day for a project I’m working on. Luckily, as a grad student I have partial access to Gartner and several other research tools at the moment. The price point and subject areas of Pro sound spot on. I wish you luck and look forward to hearing how it grows.

  25. Om,

    Congratulations on the launch. Having recently left IDC after 14 years there running mobility, consumer, PC, and some green stuff, it’s nice to see a fresh approach to research and thought leadership. As someone pointed out earlier, it’s an apples to oranges comparison to the research firms, as it should be.

    All the best,
    Randy G.

  26. Congrats Om!
    I went to the web page to subscribe but the link appears to be broken. Also, I want to make sure if it´s still $79 a year? because on the 7-day free trial appears $199, maybe the previous price was an introductory one.

    Many thanks,

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