10 thoughts on “MySpace Yes But No Facebook on Google Phone”

  1. “Facebook, however, has no plans to release its app for the Android platform.”

    I thought they did, you know, when they posted it as a conforming HTML document at all.

    I don’t understand how device manufacturers can say in one breath, “It has a modern web browser. That means you can go to any site, not just those crappy mobile sites!” and in the next, “Hey, look at this cool mobile site we added!”

  2. There is a big difference between Facebook saying they don’t have anything to share at this time and Facebook saying they’re not going to do a version of their site for Android.

  3. http://iphone.facebook.com from what I here is working fine for all those who have an Android phone already. As Mr. Flaschen states above, it will work in your html browser on your desktop as well and is a nice alternative to the regular facebook site. I am sure other sites formatted this way will work too…

  4. I’m an Android fanboy, but truth be told: It’s Google’s loss.

    If Google is dumb enough to think it could write something that replaces Facebook, then they do not deserve my fanboism.

    The worst thing about the Androi Dev Challenge was that most winner were replica location-based Social apps. No thanks. Facebook is way more than enough for me.

  5. Om, have a look at PortableContacts and the OpenID+XRDS+OAuth+PortableContacts bindings discussed at the OpenID UI summit this week. The Open Stack approach to this problem space keeps bearing fruit.

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