21 thoughts on “How About That iPhone Bump?”

  1. HTC Touch is another device people love to use to surf web sites. The only reason I’m not getting Iphone is that it’s from Apple and it runs OS X. Hard to get out of WINMO world 🙂 + I have an unlimited data plan and pay $7 a month.

  2. It truly is amazing the level of interest in iPhone apps. Most of the credit is due to Apple in how elegant and easy the App Store makes it for any end user to download/upgrade their apps. Just as an example, I work for Ifbyphone, which released the Voice Broadcast app. It was a tremendous success for us for both new sign ups, as well as helping market our company name.

    I think it will be most interesting in the coming months to see how Apple controls the App Store. How do you keep developers engaged in your platform while at the same time prevent end users from becoming overwhelmed in the number of apps that continue to be added all the time?

  3. i’m still a 1st Gen iPhone user who only downloads free applications (unemployed since june) although i don’t get the benefits that 3G iPhone users get with their apps, i have to say that i couldn’t go a long period of time without netnewswire, evernote, air sharing and many games on the iPhone. now if only i had a 3G, i could look up recipes WHILE grocery shopping 😛

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