68 thoughts on “Skype on iPhone. No, seriously.”

  1. “I hope that when apple releases an sdk, skype will make a true native client. Until then, these are just crappy hacks”

    Why is this a crappy hack?

    If you’ve been following the iPhone Apple says the SDK is the Safari web browser.

    I actually think it’s very impressive they have this working in a web browser.

  2. Coolness. I bought the iPhone for my wife.. I use an 8525 Alghthough my phone can do ‘more’, the browser experience on the 8525 is a joke compared to the iPhone. The iPhone coulda been called ” iCandy ” for how gorgeous it looks when you turn it on.. Im still impressed with it.. Cant wait til it can do RDP, then Im buying one.

  3. i can’t imagine too many blackberry users are utilizing skype outside of novelty interest.

    why would i mess with a voip calling solution (not to mention having to use skype out min) when i can use up all the minutes i need on my company paid employee plan?

    why would i go to skype’s clunky messaging system when i have the lightweight, effective, google talk?

    i guess this might be neat for iphone users, but i don’t see if being to successful on blackberry with so many better and free alternatives.

  4. Matt: Yeah the web apps may be cool but there still crap compared against what you could do with real apps. iPhone has got SO much potential that is totally unused with the web solution.

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  6. Native Skype on the iPhone would be cool using WiFi. I see Apple selling the iPhone without a tie to a carrier. Skype on the iPhone or Apple’s version. It’s a coolest iPod, could be a great PDA, and awesome hiptop emailer and web surfer. Carrie optional 😉

    Well there’s my 2cents…

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  8. Cool for Skype IM and other bits but for placing calls to landlines or mobile, the way it works is you put your number in and the recipient number and it creates a call between the two lines and rings you back. (sort of creates a conference call). So you end up using minutes anyway. If you are overseas or calling overseas, it will be an expensive call. What you can do is initiate the skype call from your iphone but plug in a landline that you are standing next to which it will call you at. So then you are only paying skype out rates (one to the recipient and another set of minutes for you the caller). Of course if you are overseas be sure to use WIFI otherwise you’ll need some kind of international plan/data plan.

  9. Matt, its crappy because you are still using the gsm network for a phone call. If this was happenning all via IP (wifi or gsm), then this would be awesome, but it can’t, so its still a hack.

  10. Great news. Let’s continue to drive the Mobile 2.0 based services and innovation. However, it would be interesting to see if this client is strong adoption, how quickly ATT moves to block the use of skye through their network.

  11. Wow! I read this post, visited ShapeService and got this working in no time.

    Very handy!

    Can the iPhone get any cooler?

    I’m sure it will.

  12. “Can the iPhone get any cooler?”

    It’s an internet application not an iPhone specific application. As the article says: “IM+ for Skype works with BlackBerry RIM, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Palm OS, Symbian and J2ME devices.”

  13. Cool iphone application..But what is the point using skype viop since iphone already a mobile phone. Then only advantages perhaps is call charges only

  14. Interesting. I think the natural course of the future will be all things over IP. Technology isn’t being developed for the fun of it. It might not make sense now, but lots of people are banking that it will later 🙂

  15. This sounds a lot like what we do, but I have been trying log onto it for the past few days over a few dozen times and I have not been able to log in once. I suspect they are having server problems.

    I sounds like it would be interesting. Please get the site back up.

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  17. It works fine for Intl calls but pointless for local US calls b/c to place a call, it calls you back, ergo you’re using the inferior Cingular network and consuming your on network minutes.

  18. so if I have no AT&T coverage but access to WiFi, can I use Skype to call another Skype User of a landline?

  19. This isn’t truly Skype for iPhone. Someone needs to research this before posting news articles. At most, this is a Skype IM site for iPhone Users.

    Any voice calls that are places ARE NOT OVER WiFi, they are routed via a incoming voice call to the iPhone — I.E. they use your iPhone plan minutes.

  20. When the iPhone was released Steve Jobs and the CEO of AT&T seem to insinuate that a VOIP client for the iPhone that would allow you to make calls on AT&T’s network without using your minutes. T-Mobile already has a phone that is capable of doing this. I have an iPhone and I can tell you from experience, anything that requires Wi-Fi to be left on to be useful will drain your battery intolerably fast.

  21. So is it possiple to use VOIP on iphone or not? I live in Uk but make frequent call abroad so for me using skype would be a really much awaited solution

  22. This application is ridiculous: it uses your SkypeOut credits, even for contacts on your Skype list and also the credits from your cell phone airtime (if you have a pay as you go plan). I am still waiting for a native Skype app for iphone…

  23. Although I am a hard core Apple fan and have been for a long time, the iPhone will not appeal to me until it gets a native Skype app, more native apps (Webapps are ok, but nothing beats native apps) and until they release the beast from AT&T. Iphone might be cool, but nothing is cool enough to give a penny to that bastard of a company NSA… opps I mean AT&T.

    Apple trying to be the hippy anti-company company sure screwed up on the AT&T lock in.

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