6 thoughts on “And VoIP Comes To IPhone”

  1. I know you weren’t talking about it in this sense, but technically – the iPhone already had VoIP – the traffic runs over AT&T’s (formerly Cingulars) Sonus network.

  2. Om, Thanks for the mention. I think one of the coolest features that we are putting in there, is the time function, once you put international numbers on a mobile phone, no one knows where you are when they call you. You could give them a NY number but be in Lima or Bangalore. Since the caller does not know where you are, or assumes that you are in NY, he just might call you in the middle of your sleep….
    so how do we solve it? When you land in a new country or time zone you call up an access number and type in the current time. From now on whenever someone calls you, he will hear a message —
    o Thanks for calling John Doe. The time were I am now is XX:XXpm (the system will read out the current time – that way the caller who doesnt know where you are in the world – will decide if it is an appropriate time to bother you! )
    If you want to send me a fax press 1. + If you want to leave me a message press 2 + If you want to speak to me press 3 + If you prefer to speak to my assistant press 4
    + If you need me urgently press 5 and the PBX will try to find me
    Thanks for calling my iPhone PBX and have a good day or night wherever you may be!

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