12 thoughts on “Sling Media, EchoStar & Ma Bell: The Buyout Game”

  1. Another piece of this puzzle was EchoStar’s failed bid with Liberty for Intelsat. Charlie Ergen and John Malone understand the next phase of video distribution game is “super distribution.” Malone is also an investor in Sling.

  2. Not sure this really matters in the long run, since so many others have sling like devices now … But if I had AT&T’s network, I’d be worried about the cost of video delivery too …

  3. EchoStar’s acquisition of Sling is a significant development in the industry, clearly signaling the commercial importance of IP delivery of content. Equally significant is the acknowledgement that consumers on a broadband connection viewing on a PC are a viable revenue source in the foreseeable future. AT&T potentially acquiring EchoStar emphasizes the importance of two things: 1) capturing the video consumer through any distribution network, and 2) the importance of IP. There are other, related observations in our blog: http://www.inlethd.com/blog

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