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  1. May be it’s because you have Virex installed. I too experienced my PowerBook 15 getting very hot and slugish. Until i realized that vshield didn’t start properly and consumed about 80 percent of the cpu-resources. I deinstalled Virex and since then my PowerBook ist fast, cool and quiet again.

  2. What I do with my 12″ PowerBook is I use the Custom Energy Saver profile and basically force OS X to run the CPU in Reduced mode always. When I am in need of the extra CPU cycles I just pop up the Profile to the Better Performance setting. Granted I’m using a Rev A 12″ PB which from what I understand has the most heat issues? I believe 12″ PB’;s going forward after the Rev A are better with heat?

  3. My Tiger install gave me bad permissions for /var/spool/postfix, and this left Postfix logging errors and retrying deliveries every second or so. This left me with similar symptoms–my laptop was running really hot and battery life was short.

    Repair permissions fixed it. Now I think my G4/550 is actually cooler with Tiger, and I’m getting better battery life and much better wireless networking performance.

  4. scott,

    i actually tried the permissions fix and all the stuff, but it did not really make any difference at all.


    I did not have Virex installed so cannot say, it really was the problem. however i guess, going back to panther on one of the machines for now has made life more bearable.

    thanks for your advise though.

  5. I have had multiple problems with being an early adopter at Apple. Bottom line is that their quality control is really lousy these days. I’ve had problems with (1) PowerMac G5; (2) Tiger; (3) PowerBook G4; and (4) iLife ’05 (iPhoto and iMovie). Apple really seems to be dropping the ball. The hype around Apple’s products is matched only by the hype around Google. A 2-button mouse merits a story on CNET? A lousy IM client from Google? Hopefully Google will have better QA than Apple.

  6. While I haven’t been quite as frustrated with Tiger as you, I agree that it’s not nearly as stable of a beast as Panther. Panther was by far the best OS upgrade Apple’s ever released and Tiger, while adding some nice features, just isn’t bulletproof yet.

    My biggest beef is the fact that Apple Mail doesn’t give you the text status line anymore which tells you your messages are being fetched, or sent, or whatever. There’s just that stupid pie piece which tells you “something” is happening.

  7. Hey, I’ve had similar beefs with Tiger and have been contemplating making the switch back to Panther as well. For me, Tiger’s support for third-party wireless cards (I still use a TiBook with the wonderful Titanium-shielded case), and odd problems I’ve had with Keychain stuff have been quite frustrating.

    And then there are a slew of other issues with various apps that ran well under Panther and not so well under Tiger that get in the way. I know, Apple’s response to that will be “We don’t control third-party applications,” but as the host of the OS, they should do their best to ensure that major applications run well on their system before they issue a release. When I constantly have to kill Safari, Mail, and Word because they freeze up for no apparent reason, there’s a problem.

    I’ve finally given up on Safari with Tiger and have switched everything over to Firefox. That’s a sad statement that Apple’s own browser won’t work well on their own OS.

    You’re right, Om, being an early adopter has its advantages, but with Tiger so far, being an early adopter only means that I get to thrash about in the water like a swimmer caught in the grip of a shark. It’s not good, and it’s not pretty.

  8. Whenever my PB gets really hot (on Jaguar, Panther or Tiger) I open up the activity viewer and check out what processes are running. Sometimes I’ll find there is something wrong with a program and it’s taking all available CPU cycles so the machine is running at 100% all the time. Just quit that process and no further problems.

  9. I’m sysadmin for about a dozen Tiger users, and the main complaint I’ve heard was speed, which I solved by upgrading any Tiger user to at least a gig of RAM. It all ran much faster after that. I’ve got no info on the heat problem, sorry.

  10. Heat!

    Like docwho76, I use the Custom Energy Saver profile and basically force OS X to run the CPU in Reduced mode always, unless I need to pop Virtual PC on for a few minutes or run a game.

    Some sort of CPU Widget would be nice to make the transitions easier.

    My 1.5 Ghz 15″ is too hot for comfortable long-term typing. One technique I have is to put the thing to sleep every time I get up. Gets a good 10© cooler in about 5 mins.

    I would definitevely buy some sort of cooling base so long as it were not fan-based. For instance, a water-based radiator under the laptop with the air heat exchanger self-standing behind my screen.

    If anyone sees this crazy idea and wants to pursue it, please go right ahead! I release any and all “intellectual property” associated to it, forever, into the public domain.

    Pff to the last paragraph. Is it really necessary?

  11. All this talk about Tiger’s heat problems was just a curiosity for me. Until I switched to this albatross that Apple calls a modern operating system. Ever since I had it installed on my Powerbook last week I have been approaching my Powerbook with trepidation each time I need to do some work. The fan comes on all the time except when the laptop is idle or I’m browsing simple web pages and working on text documents. The moment I add pictures of tables, that’s it, that’s all the excuse this thing needs to kick up the fan. Just now the CPU went over 80% in Activity Monitor because mail wanted to verify my Yahoo Mail settings, for God’s sake!

    I have what I deem to be a fairly modern Powerbook. 1.33GHz G4, 1.25GB RAM, 64MB Nvidia 5200Go, 60GB hard disk. You know, all the things that exceed what Apple says Tiger needs. I dunno, this laptop *sounds* new to me, but hey, maybe it’s not so in Steve Jobs’ lala land where he’s at with his iPods now.

    First thing tomorrow morning I’m dumping this piece of crap back on the counter of the Apple Centre and demanding my money back. Tiger? No. More like what it leaves behind a few hours after it’s had a good meal.

  12. I am running a powerbook G4 1.33 Ghz, 1.5 MB RAM, 60 GB Hard disk, It came pre installed with panther, I had the same issue with heat… under panther, I did then upgrade to Tiger, and updated to 10.4.2, it is the same thing , it is very hot, and even the fans don’t work under tiger as much as it did under panther, so the machine now under tiger is much silent, no fans buzz, but it is a real thing (so HOT 62 degrees C ), I wish that there is an application that let me control the fan speed . as it with the hardware test cd, does,

  13. You’ll be happy to know that Apple could care less about what their customers think, there’s a reason for the less is more with each upgrade, they are preparing mac uses for the big fall from apple grace…

    Everyone knows Apple is in bed with the devil (MS) soon our precious macs will be obsolete because any windows platform will be able to run Mac OS.

    What will you do then run out and buy a cheap windows with Mac OSX,

    Early adopter ha ha ha…

    Is that the equalivent of calling yourself a core shit for brains shopper gota have that next toy, I hate you people, freaken Buynow zombies gota keep buying into the hype.

    I can’t wait till apple sells its soul to bill gates and watch the mac users become window shoppers oh how entertaining it will be to see them running down to the MS store to buy their new even more cheap and worthless toys.

    Early adopter ha ha ha ha … that’s so funny

  14. I have the same problem. I was thinking that it was some issue with installing from CDs vs DVD. Why would most not do it, but some do? There’s very little information regarding this on the web. Some suggest resetting pram and reflashing this and that. Clean installs, and I’ve tried them all. None have worked. A lot of people blame spotlight.
    I will install panther, there’s enough alternatives to “tiger only” apps.
    Sorry about your phone not syncing. Thats just retarded.

  15. I ran Tiger for a solid six months without any major problems, but when I decided to install an SATA ACARD RAID Controller, the system become very unstable. 1-5 minute hangs from all Applications during a simple File Copy from an ATA internal drive to the SATA Drive. The system did not feel like a Multitasking Unix Mac Beast.

    After switching back to Panther. The System become stable again. I even tried another Clean install of Tiger and the System was back to its old long latency tricks again. Moved immediately back to Panther. The Black Cat is the most solid Mac OS X System to date.

    I do miss the Built in Dictionary in Tiger. Fortunately there is MacDICT online dictionary, but it’s not quite the same.

    Please ACARD and Apple, Get together and make your Hardware and Software to play nice with each other!


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