11 thoughts on “The iShuffle Principle”

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  3. brian, my way of listening to music is in the shuffle mode – you might want to make a playlist, but the reason for ishuffle is randomness. and even if you are going to make a playlist, as i did, i wanted that to be simply perfect.

  4. No, the reason for iShuffle is a small, inexpensive flash-based MP3 player. It happens to have a random feature on it, and Apple marketed the hell out of that one feature to the point that people that the randomness is the purpose for buying it. It isn’t.

  5. The thing that really distinguished the shuffle from other flash players (for me) was the weight. Compare it to the rio – or any of the others I looked at, and the shuffle is a featherweight. That makes a difference for exercise because you don’t feel it jangling in your pocket. Smooth edges are another nice thing some other companies haven’t figured out. Having controls you don’t need to look at to use is another. Before the shuffle I had a sandisk player with controls that simply snapped off. Quality is a good thing too.

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