6 thoughts on “The Big Blogger PR Brouhaha”

  1. You are 100 percent right. I am tired of all the whining too. Being pitched comes with the territory. And, hey, it’s fun ridiculing the bad ones. :>)

  2. Sorry, but who’s complaining Om? no references = poor form, and you know better than that. As a blogger I don’t mind being pitched at all, as long as I’m not expected to reply to every pitch.

  3. As a blogger, if you are being pitched by PR folks, consider it a compliment. Someone believes you have an audience that is worth reaching.

  4. I don’t mind in the least when I get pitched, and I always try to cut those pitching some slack.

    I suppose I am like many bloggers. If it weren’t for my blog, 99% of those contacting me, wouldn’t bother.

  5. I pitch is an invitation for comment, and it’s not something I complain about. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to break news on a new product, or to be first to “press” – I INVITE contact from PR firms on any blogs I work on that are appropriate.

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