4 thoughts on “The Internet Stock Chill?”

  1. Written By Om Malik

    If you happen live in Northern California, (and most of you don’t,)…

    You know that for a fact???…

    I lived there for 17-years, can you guess when it was or if still is???…

    As with anything Money Talks and the Bull Walks… The Wool is being pulled over everyones eyes, they just need to: Umm lift a finger so they can see who & how they are being screwed…

    If your not sitting in an office 50-Stories up then: “Your paying to Much for Your Car Insurance!”…

    Oh yeah Your paying to much for everything else also…

  2. If people are not yet convinced about how broadband will continue to
    grow just take a look at the recent column by Thomas Friedman in last
    week’s New York Times, who comments as follows;

    “There was a small item in The Jerusalem Post the other day that caught
    my eye. It said that the Israeli telephone company, Bezeq, was installing high-speed Internet lines in bomb shelters in northern Israel so
    Israelis could surf the Web while waiting out Hezbollah
    rocket attacks.”

    Who would have thought?

  3. keith,

    sorry about that. i meant to say that many of you don’t. that i know for a fact – thanks to a little google map mashup with visiting ips.

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