10 thoughts on “Zune-ng In!”

  1. I think you hit it right on the head there. Microsoft is loosing focus. So big you can have two groups with competitive interests and huge budgets.

    However, I can’t wait to see what they have come up with in Zune. Lord know that the other portable players are not really challenging the design of the iPod very well. BTW- I’ve never owned an iPod and hopefully never will.

  2. Martin Geddes said Nortel was stepping into the crocodile’s teeth. I’m beginning to see his point.

  3. MSN and Live are competing directly

    So is MSN music and Urge

    Virtual Earth & Live Local

    MSN search and Live search

    Mac Office and Virtual PC for Mac takes users away from Windows

    They have their feet in every broad band video distribution technology.

    What’s new? 🙂

  4. So many of Microsoft’s Tools(Visual Studio, etc) customers are competing directly with other divisions/products of Microsoft.

    The hype surrounding Zune is because of Robbie Bach who has the golden touch. If Zune is another success story, then expect Microsoft to release it’s own phone.

  5. its microsoft. they can do just about whatever they want and no one will do anythign. they had to really screw up before the govt got on them

    microsoft zune will succeed and MS will not care who they stomp

  6. Microsoft and Apple are kings of the Hype. But this time, Microsoft is playing the game very well. I watched a video of the interface and it is awesome. I don’t think they wanted to do just like Apple. They did their one product. But it is easier on a public communication standpoint to say “we are going after the ipod”. This way, everybody understands…

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