21 thoughts on “Field Notes From The GooglePlex”

  1. Yes, it is about advertising, but that incentive (1000 for 10K in free processing) is a great deal for SMBs too. Because anywhere else on the web, they are paying for listing/advertising and for the processing.

    A really simple, effective carrot to increase lock-in.

  2. Michael,

    sorry about that. it is a word press plugin that picks up google and links it to the finance page. i have tried to fix it. sorry again.

  3. Then is it a valid corollary that Google will prefer that we GTalk via GMail browser window rather than the standalone GTalk client? Related to the previous post, did you get their reaction?

  4. How does Google’s inability to execute on any except for search and gmail impact your view of the company? Search is an amazing cash cow. But if they are going to “dominate computing” and truly “organize the world’s information” the execution needs to improve by an order of magnitude.

  5. “He explained that if you spend $1,000 on the Google ad network, Google Checkout would process $10,000 worth” – seems like a marketing to attract sellers from paypal.

  6. 5,900,000 Pages when you GOOGLE “””OM Malik”’
    Om, you are the GOD!!!! Maybe Jangl should have named their new product ”Om”

  7. harvital, as they say back in delhi… daar aye, daroost aye…

    actually if you read my previous posts on google, you know i have been saying just that for nearly two years,

  8. “daar aye, daroost aye”

    what is the translation?
    This is all i could come up with.

    “box of pain , sorrow as far as the eye can see”

    Sounds like a kwisatz haderach kinda thing.

  9. “In 2003, we used to crawl the web
    once a month, and now we update
    everything in two to three days.”

    Matt Cutts says:
    “Just to be clear, I don’t think I said that the entire index is updated every 2-3 days, but if I did then I misspoke. It’s true that when an event happens on the web, our index can often pick it up in 1-2 days, and usually even faster. But a typical page in Google’s main web index is updated every 2-3 weeks or faster; it’s not the case that the entire main web index is updated every 2-3 days.”

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