3 thoughts on “The iPod Influence”

  1. It’s interesting to see the “phones as fashion” thing starting to catch on in North America. I spent some time in Asia over the past few years looking at the way people use mobile devices. In Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, phones are marketed very much for looks. And marketing is huge. Posters, post-cards, in-mall displays with sound and music shows to boot. On my last trip I brought back about 40 marketing post-cards for Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones. Each one for a different model. Each one totally branded and targeted to the target user for each model. By comparison, the North American, “buy the latest Verizon or T Mobile handsets (“oh BTW it happens to be a Nokia”) doesn’t even come close.

    FYI – in the past 6 months, the most lustoworthy items in SEA seem to be laptops and PDAs with WI-FI. They’re everywhere. And fashion phones are slowly becoming old news. Why spend $600 on a phone when you can spend $800 on a laptop with Skype. Enter the Nokia 770…things could get interesting!

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