8 thoughts on “Time Warner: The Frankenstein of Online Video”

  1. This is simply a continuation of how Time Warner operates in ALL markets.

    This is a company that owned multiple ISPs, nationwide backbones, an empire of content, and a hostage market of some 20 million dial up subscribers and ad eyeballs, and couldn’t figure out how to migrate them toward broadband…nor how to maintain AOL as a mega-on-line presence.

    They’re still trying to figure that out. (Hey! Free video!? Hey! Free webmail?!)

    The brain stutters, the arms flail independently.

  2. They could have one Video Management System (VMS) and embed players throughout their sites to pull from the same database. Ads and content all in one place distributed across multiple publishers.

    Easy and efficient.

    David Bailey

  3. Time Warner is decentralized, so each branch functions independantly. Sort of like the US intelligence service..

  4. it’s kind of funny to see a megacorp get criticized for NOT imposing top-down technology decisions on all its operating units.

    why not let 1000 flowers bloom? or at least a few — it’s a bit early to pick winners in video, isn’t it?

  5. Nicholas, I agree with idea of not trying to pick a winner on the technology side, but why be so schizophrenic on the content side. If you are going to have multiple parteners, each needs access to the same content. I think this is what David is getting at.

  6. Use the Brightcove Player across all webbased TW properties and Brightcove technology for IPTV and Mobile delivery.

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