5 thoughts on “VoIP, Now Calling Almost Everywhere”

  1. “Embedded” browser would lead one to believe that the DS Lite ships with an internet browser. Opera for the DS Lite is a separate application which users need to – at the moment – import from Japan. I just placed an order for one and it should be landing stateside this week.

    The DS Lite definitely has potential if developers had an easier method of using the device as a development platform. The first day I got my DS Lite I saw the mic and thought “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have voice chats with people over the internet”. I hope to see something developed soon which would offer this type of functionality.

  2. The DS has always had the capability of VoIP chat. It has speakers, a built-in mic, Wi-Fi, and an IP stack.

    Metroid Prime hunters, released earlier in 2006, enables players to hold VoIP chat in the game’s lobby area. This already works using the console’s built-in hardware.

    Admittedly, with the introduction of headsets, it won’t be long before there’s a VoIP client on a cartridge for the DS.

  3. That rumor is false. I bought a DS from Japan about 3 weeks ago in Hong Kong. There nothing special about VOIP or the headset. The headset will be a available on the Nintendo Site for about 9 bucks.
    But I remember that Nintendo had a VOIP showcase on (i am not sure) the e3 in 2005 with mario speaking.

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