7 thoughts on “U3 to U-Zero”

  1. How do you know MojoPac is a better offering than what Microsoft/SanDisk are offering? There’s only been a press release from them so you certainly haven’t TRIED it.

  2. Yes I have tried it, though not reviewed it. I liked it. Since Microsoft and Sandisk don’t have an offering, it clearly is an option.

    A better option, because it is here, while the Microsoft-SanDisk don’t say when their new product will be available.

    You might disagree. What I like about it, you can run it off your iPod, which means one less disk to carry around.

    If you want to try it, you can download it.

  3. Oh I should have been more clear, I meant you haven’t tried the Microsoft-Sandisk offering. It doesn’t really matter how goood MojoPac is, you can’t really say it’s better than the Microsoft-Sandisk offering until you’ve tried both.

    Granted, MojoPac is here and now and works while the competition is only giving press releases.

  4. No I haven’t tried the Microsoft-Sandisk offering, so from that perspective, yes I shouldn’t have used the word “better”. Point taken! (post updated 😉

  5. Nick, I was about to ask the same question. I’m not familiar with USB flash drive technology. Most of the people I’ve known and worked with uses regular flash drives. But I learned something on this topic.

  6. Having tried just about every single one of the USB platforms, I have found portableapps.com to be the simplest, easiest and most flexible to use and I’ve got a ton of really good stuff to run under it. The only niggle is the one or two portable apps I want (like Miro) that are only currently available in U3 format.

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