9 thoughts on “Updated: VMware co-founder Diane Greene has a stealthy new startup. Here are the details”

  1. I really don’t want to be that troll-type guy, but Andreessen Horowitz is called Andreessen Horowitz, not A16z. A16z is a shorthand way of writing it, borrowed from the shorthand way of writing internationalisation (i18n). By stating “A16z, the venture firm co-founded by Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen” entirely misses the point of the abbreviated form, rather just state “…such as Andreessen Horowitz…” and save the internet some valuable bytes 🙂

  2. Please verify your source. There are some grossly incorrect statements in this article. The company Diane recently co-founded is not Datrium. Period.

    1. Thanks for your comment– we are looking into this. We will update the story (and you) after we have explored the matter further. Again appreciate your heads up!

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