7 thoughts on “Yahoo Mail, the story behind the mail”

  1. how could you call that article “interesting” …that guy is commenting on GUI while himself using 8 point font; and all he does is spew venom at everybody; and even praises Yahoo for its copycat Outlook interface; and crticizes Gmail for its best features.

    Hardly interesting and infact very avoidable article.

  2. I have email accounts from hotmail, Google and Yahoo just for testing. Out of three accounts, I might say Yahoo’s spam filter is no use. It’s absolutely impotent. I know it generates traffic, but email filter that rejects emails not registered in your address books by redirecting them to a confirmation webpage where a real person needs to enter a randomly generated secret code in order to get into your inbox folder would be a blast! Can anyone recommend such a product?

  3. 1) Re: RYK’s comments: “He” is a “She.”

    2) Kickingpebbles is my blog, and I just plain like small type- if you don’t like it, don’t read it. My blog- not a client’s blog.

    3) Scott Schiller just posted a great comment on my linked-to article… that I’d love to get additional feedback on, from the engineering community. Thanks for the smart and insightful response, Scott!

  4. I have only one comment on the gripes about ads – you get what you pay for.

    Free webmail users have absolutely no basis for any complaint about service – you are getting a valuable service for free. Don’t like the ads – use a for-fee email service like http://www.fastmail.fm.

    I am just a very satisfied user for the last 5 years. I pay 40$ a year and get webmail + IMAP/POP and my own domains as well as personalities + throwaway email addresses + tons of space.
    Never seen an ad in 5 years.

    If 40$ a year is more valuable than your attention then that’s the choice you make.

    So stop whining and expecting something for nothing. Wake up and smell the for-fee Internet.

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