9 thoughts on “SlingMedia Founder Invests In Clicker, Joins BOD”

  1. Lanzone’s tenure Ask.com wasn’t very stellar so he should be careful. Why would this company be any different? Ask is a FAILED property.

  2. Really, Jenkins? Lanzone’s tenure at Ask wasn’t very stellar? Let’s see…according to the time line I’m seeing, Lanzone took over the product at Ask when the share price was around 79 cents. The Ask property was sold to IAC at around $34. At the same time there were two Mossberg articles giving Ask the nod over Google. In 2007, Ask was named one of the top 25 innovations of 2007 by PCWorld. User growth from 2001-2007 was stellar. In the meantime, real FAILED properties included Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos, Looksmart, to name a few. Ask was still standing, in very large part due to Lanzone’s leadership there.

    Perhaps you and I have different definitions of the word “stellar,” because Ask seemed to thrive under Lanzone even though NOBODY was able to move the needle against Google before, during or since. I think I’ll take Bill Gurley’s, Geoff Yang’s and now Blake Kirkorian’s confidence in Lanzone as an indicator of his performance at Ask.

  3. As a current beta user of Clicker, I believe that their solution to the “media fragmentation puzzle” is on the right track. The user interface is intuative, without clutter, and they aggregate content from many different online video sites.

    However, as several beta users have suggested (myself included), the “Recommended” feature could be enhanced further to offer more personalized content suggestions.

    As it stands today, there’s no one “go-to” site that effectively both aggregates content and enables intelligent filtering for eclectic interests. We’re getting very close with these new tools, but we’re not there yet.

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