3 thoughts on “Microsoft Gets VoIP Serious”

  1. The Microsoft-vs-Cisco is interesting.

    Moving out of the PC and extending applications onto the network while Cisco tries to move out of their boxes and into applications will be an interesting conflict.

  2. Things might get interesting if Cisco bought one of the others (Yahoo, Google or Ebay), or one of them bought Cisco. Stranger things are happening!
    But seriously, I don’t think it would be a good idea for any of the big 4 to ‘cross the line’ into putting the pipes together. The line may become more blurred though.

  3. Folks, Microsoft continues to buy VoIP companies – after Teleo this summer, MS bought Swiss VoIP company (Media-streams.com) last week. What do you think would be Skype’s value if MS (or Google) buys GIPS (current voice engine provider to Skype)?

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