7 thoughts on “For Sale, Odeo’s domain, brand, platform”

  1. Why doesn’t that marketplace exist? Good question.

    I think it might be the nature of “the business” – the current number of small project businesses selling themselves might be an anomaly. Will the creation and sale of web startups continue far enough into the future to make it a viable marketplace? I’m not sure, I’ll give it a 50/50.

    It wouldn’t be hard to code it up, though… Someone could easily position it as “build your service and sell it here” or “Stay out of the Deadpool – Sell your service!”

  2. I think they need to acquire the domain name ventureboard.com first before attaching it to their own website and making it a independent product to make it more standardize would be nice.

    I would think eBay would rather setup something like this through their own website since they have the auction power setup already.

  3. Yes, VentureBoard offers this sort of thing.

    Seems to be working. SupportMagic recently put itself up for sale, and the company told us that an investor bought them after finding them on VentureBoard.

    Fire me an email at venturebeat at gmail dot com if you have any questions about posting. Or just go to the “ventureboard” tab at venturebeat.

    Matt Marshall

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